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From the Story Arc: Three Days In December

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(posted Monday, December 11, 2006)

Bestial Boy and Kremlin Gremlin went back a long time together. Both being green for starters, they tended to look out for each other. Being kindred spirits made them almost like brothers. Gremlin had been gone for a while, back to Russia—he’d been gone from just before Bella joined CCCP in fact. He’d only come back shortly after Zach and Bell had become an item. Zach had been a little worried when he turned up, in fact; some women had this thing about wanting their man to spend all his time with them and not with his old buddies. It hadn’t happened though. In fact, Bella had met up with Gremlin on her own; he’d teased her, she’d laughed and gave him hell right back, and…well, everything was just fine. Better than fine. She just…accepted him, like he was a real brother. Even when they’d both come back after an extended bar-crawl one night after he’d first come back, she just laughed at them both and helped Zach dump him on the bed in one of the guest bedrooms in his place.

She might not be perfect—that business with cloning Bear proved that in spades—she made her share of mistakes, but….

“So brother, what do blue and green make?” Gremlin asked, as they left the offices of the Senators for Rhode Island.

“What?” he asked, caught off-guard by the non-sequitor.

“What do blue and green make?” Gremlin grinned at him slyly.

“Uh, I dunno, you need to ask a woman that question. Ask Bella.” He made a face. “What do I look like, Queer Eye for the Caped Guy?”

“I did. She said ‘teal.’ So when are you and this pretty Bella going to make little teal babies?”

He stopped dead in his tracks, and turned to stare at Gremlin, open-mouthed.

Gremlin waggled his eyebrows. “Look, you are crazy for her, she is crazy for you, I have eyes, I can see this. She is so crazy for you she is even immune to Gremlin! So, you have not thought of this?” He smirked. “So start thinking.”

The truth was, he had thought about it. After all, there were the Murdocks with their tribe, Nat and Mosca and their kid…in the back of his mind there had always been this wistful dream. House, wife, kids…he just had never thought it possible. Not for him.

Gremlin slapped his shoulder. “Govno, you look like a fish. Come show me famous three-martini Washington lunch I am hearing about. So far everything you show me looks like Moscow with better suits! Where is Washington decadence?”

He shook his head and snapped out of his trance. “Oh I’ve got your Washington decadence, all right. Then we’ll go to a session of Congress. I need to buttonhole some people.”

Gremlin rolled his eyes. “You know difference between Congress and Library of Congress?”

“Uh, no,” Zach replied, pretty sure the answer was going to be rude.

“In Library of Congress you cannot lick the pages!”