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(posted Tuesday, December 12, 2006)

September 22nd
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Special Metahuman Unit Headquarters, Saigon

General Nguyen Ai Quoc snorted. It had been personally unpleasant when he’d been informed of his American operative's unofficial promotion to Chief Medical Officer, but now... this. Crushing the memo in his thick, gloved hand, he turned to his aide, scowling. "I am going to Paragon City," he spat in his native Vietnamese, storming past her and towards his office. "Make it happen."

"Sir," she replied, turning to follow after him. "There are important details at home that you have to deal with. Unless you send someone else, the soonest you will be able to travel will be mid-December..."

The General scowled as he continued into his office. "Fine. December." Turning, he slammed the door in her face, knocking her over from the force of the blow. With a brief flash of a smile, he locked the door, walked into the bathroom and dropped the crumpled paper into the sink. Lifting his gaze to the mirror, he scowled at his reflection. His eyes had begun to ink over again... a side-effect of his mutation and his anger. Taking a deep breath, he pulled a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from a drawer and set the pack on the counter. With a flick, a small flame shot forth and was lowered down to the memorandum.

As the paper caught alight, he set the lighter aside and retrieved a cigarette from the pack. With the cigarette between his lips, he lifted the flaming papers up and lit it, his eyes focusing in on the words as they burned. His ire, like the paper, flared, and he dropped the burning mass back into the sink.

"Chet tiet gai diem, he spat, the expletives rolling off his forked tongue. "This Belladonna Aura broad is as bad as the rest. More proof women shouldn't lead."

He shook his head and stomped out of the restroom. He'd straighten these girls out in December.