Third Entry

From the Story Arc: The Upgrade

Previous Story in the Arc: Second Entry by Iron Curtain (Wednesday, August 04, 2004)

(posted Monday, August 09, 2004)

Through haze of pain and confusion, it was becoming clear that Dmitry was tricked.  This was not indifferent yet safe haven of Portacio Industries at all. 

Dmitry is not sure as to how much time was passing by but he eventually woke strapped to cold metal table.  Even if Dmitry was not tied down he could not move, the EMP waves had severely weakened nanites in body.  Muscular contraction would be impossible until microscopic machines are finding source of energy.

Sounds from outside world began to make sense in head again.  There were others in this room.  "The scan picked up a device located in the Maxiliary pre-nasal cavity.  That's probably the tracker Portacio put in.  We need to remove it now before they triangulate his position.  Get me the laser scalpel please, I will need to break his ethmoid bone in order to extract it…"
Dmitry had always been wanting to pull out tracking device himself and be rid of corporate pig-dogs, but now it was source of salvation; and he was not wanting broken nose.  First and last mistake most enemies make: they are thinking that Dmitry is big stupid brute.  Very slowly nanite activity in left ventricle is slowed.  Rhythmic beating of heart begins to fall.

"Doctor, the EKG!" Beeping of machine begins to slow.
"Damnit!  If he dies the countess is going to blame me!  Adrenaline injections won't work if we can't get the needle through his skin.  Get me the paddles!"
Now beep of machine is like steady ring.  Must be maintaining concentration.
"Will defibrillation even work on him?!"
"I said get the damn paddles!  Or would you like to be a participant in the viral R&D department Tanner?!"
Sounds were becoming distant.  Hard to remember what I was trying to do.

Bolt of electricity brought new clarity to Dmitry's mind.  Eyes opened.  The world was bright and harsh but there was being little time to act.  The energy was enough for Dmitry to break strap on right arm and be seizing doctor by face.  Current traveled from paddle, to chest, to arm, and then to man.  Dmitry could feel doctor's skin blistering with clasped hand, then slowly peel away as he is falling to floor.

Had forgotten about second man, but problem was soon solved.  Chemistry of rage, adrenaline, and electricity was enough to tear away bonding and bring fists down upon orderly's back.  Crey doctor's cell phone was proving useful as Dmitry called Portacio.  They had been searching for Dmitry for many hours and thought he was trying to as they say in Amerika, "make a break for it."  

When Dmitry is telling them the name Crey, Portacio scientist is becoming panicked. 
"Ok, IC stay put.  Do not try to fight your way out!  We will send help over there as soon as we can!"
But help would not come in time to be bracing door closed for Dmitry.  Many security goons were pounding on operation room door.  Was trying to hold closed but electrical jolt from paddles was beginning to wear off, muscles getting weak again.