Broken Orders

From the Story Arc: Social Orders

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(posted Tuesday, December 12, 2006)

December 12th
United States of America
CCCP Headquarters, Paragon City

Sitting at the desk wasn't a new feeling. She'd been sitting there before, using the computer to type up reports and deal with her email, but the situation was now different. The desk, for one, was cleaner... but now, it was also hers. Thanh Ha stared at the computer screen for a long moment before she began to type.

After a few minutes, she was interrupted by a call towards Bella. "Commissar! Come quickly!" the shout came, and her attention immediately swept towards the doorway. As Bella vaulted over the desk and rushed out of the room, however, she calmed for a moment and turned back to the screen. Finishing the paragraph she was working on, curiousity finally got the better of her. Saving the file to draft, she turned off the monitor and moved quickly to the rec room. As she stepped in, several of the people started cheering. Her eyes turned towards the screen to see what it was they were watching, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

Ah, she thought, Zach ban is being victo... Her ears perked suddenly, a sense of dread hitting her like a fist.

"...You're comin' along..."

Her hand instinctively raised to her mouth a half-second before the flash erupted on the screen. "No..." she whispered, her blood running cold. "Not again..."

(( Please see Three Days In December for surrounding details. ))