From the Story Arc: Cold Front

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(posted Wednesday, December 13, 2006)

Madame Molotov still could not believe it. The television reporter’s words echoed again and again through her head “Commissar Zachary ‘Bestial Boy’ Marlowe was killed…” The others in the CCCP base had let out cries of anger and shock when the news was first heard. Many waiting for the update that it was all a mistake. An update that still had yet to come.

Molotov had slipped out the door to the room as others tried to compose themselves. The look on Belladonna Aura’s face as she stared at the television screen had been enough for Molotov. Molotov stood outside the door and knew. Zach was not coming back. Another one has fallen. How many Comrades had been lost this year? Molotov tried to run through them all… their faces flashing through her mind. The Council attack earlier this year… Soviet Bear…the list had been too much.

Suddenly, the door to the room slammed open and just barely missed Molotov. Petrograd came storming out shouting about arranging transportation to Washington. Yes, the CCCP would most definitely go to Washington. Molotov was sure Belladonna would be going. Many others as well. Molotov’s mind now drifted back to Zach. It seemed impossible to think that he has joined the list of those not coming back.

Molotov now thought back to her earliest days in Paragon City. Her first mission with the CCCP included Zach. Just who was this bouncing green man with the infectious smile? Molotov had doubted herself from the beginning, was not sure this was where she was meant to be. However, Zach had made her feel at home. Even with his sarcasm and jokes about her costume, Zach had a way to make her feel wanted. This was where she was meant to be.

Molotov always loved those missions that included Zach. Over the years, he always remained upbeat no matter who they were going up against. Zach always had a way to make Molotov smile. Recently, Zach had not been in Paragon much due to his work in Washington. But Molotov still could feel his energy. Belladonna saw him much more then anyone else and Molotov could see that part of him was rubbing off on her. But now what?

Belladonna had been through so much during her time with the CCCP. Molotov could not begin to imagine what she was thinking. This past week alone had been stressful enough with one Commissar resigning. Now, another has fallen. Life in the CCCP had never been easy, but Belladonna and the others had been through so much lately. The door to the room flew open again and a few other Comrades rushed out and down the hall.

Molotov’s attention went back into the room as the door slowly closed again. Was Belladonna still there in front of the television? Molotov could not see. Nyet. This place will soon be a madhouse. Molotov could not be here. Surely someone will be left in charge of this place while Belladonna and the others are away. Probably Commissar Communard. Molotov thought to herself, “Nyet. I will not be working on any of his strange experiments these next few days.” Molotov looked around and saw the hallway was clear for the moment. Molotov slipped out of the hallway and turned off her communicator. “Nyet. No duties for me.”

Molotov thought again of Comrade Zach and how he brought such joy to everything. That was now gone. Gone forever. Molotov could feel the anger begin to rise inside her again. That same anger she had felt before. Someone was going to pay for this. Molotov entered the teleportation rooms and keyed in a destination. Today was going to be one criminal’s worst day ever. A tear began to fall down Molotov’s face as she quickly disappeared from the base and away from the chaos.