No Justice

From the Story Arc: Cold Front

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(posted Wednesday, December 13, 2006)

He hadn’t seen it live, on television, like some of his teammates. Even if he had, he couldn’t have done a thing. Instead, Bee was on yet another mission against the Devouring Earth, this time in Eden, when he heard the news on the comm. Bestial Boy. Zacharas. Comrade. Another of their collective had died in battle.

Kasparas took flight and began the journey back to headquarters. He took the long way, in no hurry. The comm. was largely silent; there was no emergency, nothing they could do now to help. All he could do is help console his comrades in his understated way.

"We lose too many," he mused. The resurrection of Pavel – Bear -- was a bright spot in a year of too many losses. And Bee knew that what had happened for Pavel was unusual to say the least; Zacharas was gone completely, the report had said. Nothing was left but a memory.

There will be a wake, an investigation into the Commissar’s death, leadership changes. That much was obvious. "But there will be no justice."