To grieve is human

From the Story Arc: Cold Front

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(posted Wednesday, December 13, 2006)

Red Star stood on the roof of the CCCP Headquarters and stared up into the sky; it was not night time but would have to do.

Commissar Bestial Boy, Comrade Zach Marlowe was gone.

That was four comrades, two of which were commissars, who had died in the space of 8 months. This was unfortunate but, by itself, not unexpected. Clan members always died, it was the price that they paid, willingly, in order to serve. Death itself was not something to fear or to grieve over; they would be remembered within the lives of the people that they had touched and within the deeds of their comrades.

But to die in such a manner, to be alone and away from the Clan - now they were gone; totally and utterly gone. There was nothing for anyone to hold, to use; no trace of them that could be brought ‘home’, back into the Clan which they had served so faithfully. They had gone, and were lost - removed from the Clan forever and that, that was a reason to grieve.

My comrade, moi brat, we are lessened without you and will never be the same again. We will continue but you leave a hole that can never be filled. Da svedanya.