Initial Report

(posted Tuesday, August 10, 2004)

The following is report on the events leading to the incapacitation of comrade Mother Siberia:


Dmitry was asked by Mother Siberia to join her in strike against Vahzilok operation.  We were accompanied by the Faberge Gulag unit, Ms. Ing, and young mutant girl named Lucy.  Lucy was part of organization called "The Strangers" that is offering shelter and training to young mutants.  Dmitry saw no problem in this, a young mind is an open one; potentially open to the ideas of Marx. 


Our party arrives at building in Steel Canyon and proceeds to remove the Vahzilok threat floor by floor.


The last few zombies are "dismantled" and the surgeons are promptly arrested.  As we are exiting building Mother Siberia collapses to ground.  She had been stuck with a quill expelled from Lucy girl's body during course of battle.  Dmitry believes this to be accident.  In chaos of zombies it is likely that young mutant girl panicked and started firing her quills without aim or caution.  She stated that her body creates a toxin that can paralyze but the effects are not lasting more than two days.  Despite this, Mother Siberia's pulse rate began to drop and she was losing consciousness. 

In embarrassment and fear Lucy girl was running off from scene.  Comrade Siberia began to mumble incoherently in Russian, speaking to someone who was not present.  Dmitry and comrade Gulag were the only ones at scene that can be speaking Russian.  Can review context of what was said by Mother Siberia should an official or commissar wish to know but Dmitry believes it to be nonsensical and product of toxin-induced state.

It was becoming evident that comrade Siberia was needing medical attention.  If blood pressure was becoming too low then renal failure could result.  Emergency line was contacted and medical personnel arrived on scene to bring her to Steel Canyon hospital.  Comrade Gulag suggested retrieving blood sample from young mutant should Mother Siberia require anti-toxin.  Because he is possessing ability to run at accelerated running speeds, Dmitry was agreeing to track her down.


Dmitry contacts corporate pig-dogs at Portacio Industries.  Tells them that young Lucy girl is agent of Crey (this is not true but is only way Portacio will help Dmitry in finding her).  After hacking hero database files at Freedom Corps, Portacio technician is telling Dmitry home address of the mutant. 


Dmitry arrives at apartment building in Row of Kings.  He is thinking that with no place to go, Lucy girl would either find comrades, or go home.  Was counting on latter of two.  Sure enough Dmitry finds subject on top of apartment building.  Standing near edge, Dmitry believed young mutant girl was going to jump off.  Attempting to stop her, she is quickly moving out of way and Dmitry plummets to cold, unforgiving asphalt twelve floors below.  Sometimes he is forgetting that appearance intimidates people and decides to take more diplomatic approach.  Calling to her from now cracked street Dmitry requests that she should be coming down.  He is asking for sample of blood, Mother Siberia's life may be in jeopardy (not game show).


Many minutes of arguing is going by.  Dmitry is trying to be patient but Lucy is difficult person, not agreeing to give blood sample.  Not in apartment because land lord is being a pig, not on street because she is not wanting to look like drug addict, not at hospital because she is not trusting doctors.  She is demonstrating ability to blend-in with surroundings, so is important that Dmitry not get angry and be scaring her.  Would be impossible to be tracking her down again.  Finally she is agreeing to provide sample in alleyway behind building.  Dmitry was attacked by costumed idiot thinking he was accosting girl.  Once cleared up fool was then asking for directions to Perez Park. 


Sample of young mutant's blood is obtained using medical kit Dmitry "borrowed" from Portacio labs.  As sign of good faith Dmitry is leaving contact information with Lucy. 


Dmitry pushes his accelerated running speed to limit and reaches Steel Canyon medical center to bring blood sample to doctors.  Have not received word yet on successful creation of anti-toxin but comrade Siberia's condition is stable. 


If member of our organization is having experience in field of toxicology or hematology your help is being needed now.  Mother Siberia's life may be depending on it.