Quiet Support

From the Story Arc: Cold Front

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(posted Thursday, December 14, 2006)

Thanh Ha sat quietly at her desk, processing paperwork as the throngs of people came in and out of the office in search of Bella. There were advantages to being small and subdued sometimes, and this was one of those times; nobody was trying to bother her as she quickly worked on picking up the slack left in the wake of the recent tragedy. Like her comrade, she, too, had not slept since the night before Zach's demise, but long hours were something she was used to. Working in the ER on a daily basis had tempered her to exceptionally long stints of consciousness.

She had another secret... A small bottle of liquid "plant food" fertilizer. It was the most atrocious thing she'd ever tasted and the chemicals made her tongue itch, but she had found that a single mouthful of the stuff refreshed her like a nap. It helped keep her going whilst she slogged through the day-to-day operational procedeures that needed to be taken care of, as long as she kept hydrated.

Picking up her bottle of water, she opened it as she read through local APB reports, pausing to lift the bottle to her lips... only to find it empty. She stared at the bottle for a moment before re-capping the plastic container and dropping it in the recycling tub that sat alongside her desk. She turned her attention back to the reports, finishing a few more before her thirst got the better of her. She stood and went to the mess hall to retrieve another bottle, peeking into Bella's office as she left. Her comrade was now alone, continuing the preparations for the upcoming funeral. The woman looked exhausted.

Returning to the office with her water, the Vietnamese doctor slipped through the doorway and had nearly set an extra bottle of water in front of Bella before the other woman noticed. "Thanks, Thanh Ha," the blue-skinned medic said, voice tired but strong. She reached for the water and uncapped it, taking a long pull off of it.

Thanh Ha gently laid a gloved hand on her friend's shoulder. "You really need to be getting some rest, Bella chinh uy," she uttered, the concern in her voice obvious.

"I will, soon," Bella replied, turning her attention back to her work. "Once I've taken care of everything."

"I understand." Nodding softly, Thanh Ha turned and headed back to the doorway. Instinctively she knew what that truly meant. At the jamb, she paused, and turned back towards her comrade. "I'll be outside if you are needing me, Bella chinh uy."

Bella simply nodded. It had been something reiterated to her many times over the last couple days, and she knew it well.

Closing her eyes, the Vietnamese medic also nodded. She then reached out with her abilities, manipulating the other Commissar's endorphins and stripping away a few layers of fatigue from her friend. Bella blinked a few times, and took in a deep breath before raising her gaze up to Thanh Ha.

"That should be helping you keep going until after funeral," she said quietly, slipping out of the office before Bella could respond.