Helpless Healer

From the Story Arc: Cold Front

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(posted Thursday, December 14, 2006)

If there was one regret Gina Salutaris had, it was that she couldn’t heal emotional wounds. As one of the best Battle Healers of Rowan, she could heal anything from a scratch to a nearly severed limb in extreme cases, but healing the mind… well, that was something different. What limited psychic abilities she had were honed for battle, for attacking, but now there was nothing to attack.

She could sense the tangled web of emotions that floated through the air, the hate, fear, anger, sadness, weaved throughout with comfort, healing, fond memories—and through it all, a sense of perseverance, the knowledge that everyone would be alright, eventually. All the People’s Elf could offer was a limited broadcast of comfort, to help ease the minds of her comrades.

She had thought about going to Commissar Belladonna, to cast one of her mind-clearing spells, but had rejected that idea. The Commissar was dealing with their loss her own way, and Commissar Social Medicine was there to help, if she needed it.

Her skills, valuable so many other times, could do nothing. But even as Gina’s frustration at not being able to heal, when healing was needed most, fought to overwhelm her, she calmed herself, and continued to radiate that calm into the air. It was all she could do, and even if it wasn’t much, it was her duty to give what she could. Gina settled on a cot in the CCCP quarters, and began a meditation designed to continue her broadcast as long as necessary.

There was nothing more she could do, but wait.